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I paid my invoice, but I don’t have access to Grammarly Business

If you have paid your invoice but Grammarly Business features are not available, it means your payment may still be processing. Please be aware that it can take up to five business days for ACH and wire payments to be received by Grammarly.

Note: The paid subscription period will start on the date we receive the payment and not on the date when you initially requested the invoice. 

If it has been more than five days since you paid your invoice and you still don’t have access to your Grammarly Business subscription, please contact Grammarly Support and provide the following information to help us locate your payment:

  • The payment method used to pay your invoice (credit card, ACH, wire transfer, etc.)
  • Any receipts, payment confirmation emails, or screenshots of the sent payment
  • If you used ACH or a wire transfer, please include:
    • The account number the payment was sent to 
    • The SWIFT code or routing number used
    • The name of the bank the payment was sent to 

Note: Paper checks and payments made through and PayPal cannot be accepted for your Grammarly Business invoice. If you used one of these payment methods, please reach out to Grammarly Support.

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