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Configure SCIM provisioning with Rippling

Note: The functionality described below is available only to Grammarly Business users on the Enterprise tier. If you’re interested in enabling this feature, please contact the Grammarly Support team or your Customer Success Manager.

This guide provides the steps required to configure provisioning for Grammarly in Rippling. For general information about SCIM provisioning, please refer to this article: Configure SCIM provisioning

Topics covered in this article:


The following provisioning features are supported in Rippling:

  • Create users in Grammarly
  • Remove users in Grammarly when they no longer require access
  • Keep user attributes synchronized between Rippling and Grammarly


Step-by-Step Configuration Instructions

  1. Contact the Grammarly Support team and request a SCIM token. Please specify if you’d like to receive it attached in an email reply or uploaded to a cloud drive.
  2. Launch the Rippling API Configuration Wizard for Grammarly in the Rippling App Shop
  3. When prompted, paste the SCIM token into the Grammarly Business Bearer Token field.
  4. Complete the Rippling API Configuration Wizard for Grammarly.
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Rippling Provisioning SCIM