I can’t seem to access Premium features

Upgraded to Grammarly Premium but can’t use any Premium features? Most likely, you’ve unintentionally created another account. Don't worry, there's usually a quick fix.

  • Try logging in with any other email addresses you might have used to create an account.
  • Search every email account you use for the words Your Grammarly Account Is Now Activated! to find the activation email we sent you. If you have it, that means you have a Premium account associated with that email.

If the issue happens only in Grammarly for MS Office, please check this article.

If you still can't locate your Grammarly Premium login details, please provide some additional information by clicking the Submit a request button below to help us find your account. We will need the following information:

  1. last four digits of the credit card number you used for Grammarly
  2. card network type (e.g., VISA)
  3. card expiration date (month/year)
  4. the charge date
  5. the charge amount
  6. your PayPal email address (if you paid with PayPal)
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