Add and remove words from Personal Dictionary

Improve your Grammarly experience by adding words to your personal dictionary. The words you add will no longer be flagged as misspellings.

Whenever your word is marked as a mistake, you will see a card with a little book button. Clicking the book will add this word to your dictionary and prevent it from being marked as a mistake in the future.

Additionally, we offer a feature called Personal Dictionary, which allows you to manage the words you've added at any time.

  • To access this feature, sign in to your account, go to the Account section in the Grammarly Editor, and then select Customize
  • To remove a word from your personal dictionary, please click Account > Customize. Then, hover over the word that you wish to remove and click on the trash can icon that will appear next to it.
  • Words containing symbols other than English language letters cannot be added to your Grammarly dictionary. Multiple words separated by spaces also cannot be added.
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