Current pricing for Human Proofreading

If you would like to learn how to submit your writing for human proofreading, please review this article.

To best serve your timeliness needs, we offer multiple document turnaround time options. Each turnaround option has a different price associated with it. Your order’s price is determined by multiplying the per-word price by the total number of words in your document. For example, a 100-word document for a 3-day turnaround would be priced at $1.90 (100 words times $0.019 per word).

After uploading your document to the Grammarly Editor or by accessing Grammarly for Microsoft Office, simply click Send to proofreaders. You’ll be able to see currently available turnaround options with the per-word and order price corresponding to the turnaround option before you place your order:


After you have submitted an order, you will receive an email confirming receipt of your order along with your order price.

To learn more about the order submission process, please check this article.

Note: Human Proofreading is an optional service, provided separately from your Grammarly subscription. Our professional proofreaders will review your document and correct only spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors.

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