What is Proofit?

Proofit is an optional service, offered in addition to a Grammarly Premium subscription. If you are pressed for time and need to make sure your writing is mistake-free, submit your pages to our proofreaders! They will check the text with Grammarly for you, and make the appropriate corrections.

Our goal is to ensure that your document is grammatically accurate. We diligently review each submission for errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and form.

Please note: Our proofreaders do not reorganize, restructure, or otherwise rewrite your text. Issues regarding content, style, or voice are at the discretion of the author.

Turnaround time options:

Instant, three hours, or 24 hours.

Submitting your text to the proofreaders is easy. Simply click the green button in the left-hand navigation bar and press “Send to proofreader.”


Please note that you must have an active Grammarly Premium subscription to use our professional proofreading service.

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