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Does Grammarly support Google Docs?

You can use Grammarly in Google Docs by installing the Grammarly browser extension for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Edge. If you need to install the Grammarly browser extension, check out this article: How to install the Grammarly browser extension.

Checking text

To access Grammarly’s suggestions in Google Docs, create or open a Google document and click the Grammarly button in the lower-right corner of the browser window. This will open the Grammarly sidebar.

Grammarly in GDocs.png

If you’d like to accept a suggestion, simply select the suggestion card within the sidebar and click on the proposed changes.

To see a detailed explanation of the suggestion, click Learn more at the bottom of the suggestion.

If a suggestion is incorrect or you’d like to report it for any reason, click the three dots and choose your preferred option to proceed.

If you’d like Grammarly to stop flagging a particular spelling as incorrect, you can add the word to your personal dictionary by clicking Add to Dictionary within the suggestion card.

Some suggestions, such as correctness suggestions (red underlines) or style guide suggestions (gray underlines, available to Grammarly Business users), are shown directly in the text. You don’t have to open the sidebar to accept these suggestions — simply hover over the underlined word to see the suggestion card. 

Adjusting goals

With the help of the Grammarly browser extension, you can also set a specific writing goal for your document directly in Google Docs.

To set your Goals, open the Grammarly sidebar by clicking the Grammarly icon in the lower-right corner of the browser window and then click Adjust Goals in the upper-right corner of the sidebar:


In the menu that appears next, choose the Audience, Formality, Domain, and Intent of the document: 


Note: The Domain feature is available only to Grammarly Premium subscribers.

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