What are the limitations when using Grammarly?

Device limitation:

Your membership allows access to Grammarly on up to five different devices.

Document limitation:

In any 30-day period, you can check up to 300 documents or 150,000 words. In any 24-hour period, you can check up to 100 documents or 50,000 words. (If you are an Enterprise Subscriber, this restriction applies to each of your Authorized Users.)

Page limitation:

You can check up to 60 pages (100,000 characters including spaces) at a time when you use the Grammarly Editor at www.grammarly.com. There is no page limitation if you use Grammarly for Microsoft Word and Outlook.

Upload limitation

You can upload a document of 4 MB or less. Supported document types are MS Word (.doc, .docx), OpenOffice (.odt), .txt and .rtf.


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