How to send installation log files to Grammarly

If the installer cannot install Grammarly for Microsoft Office Suite, it shows the error "Failed to install" with a description of the issue as shown in the image below.

Follow the steps below in order to send us the Grammarly log files:

1. Click Save logs and close.


2. Select any folder that you prefer, e.g. Local Disk (C:).

3. Click Make New Folder.

4. Name the new folder, e.g. grammarlylogfiles and press Enter.


5. Click OK.

6. Open My Computer.


7. Open the folder where you’ve saved the Grammarly add-in log files (e.g., C:\grammarlylogfiles). 


8. Send all the files from the folder you created via a support ticket.

9. Delete that folder (e.g., grammarlylogfiles).

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