Getting the Chrome extension log

1.  Copy and paste this link in the address bar of your browser: 


This action will open a blank page. 

2.  Bring up the developer tools window using one of these methods:

  • Use the keyboard shortcut Cmd+Alt+i on macOS, Ctrl+Shift+J on Linux, F12 on Windows.
  • From the Chrome Menu at the top right of your browser window: select Tools > Developer Tools.

3.  Navigate to the Console tab.

4.  Navigate to the browser tab where the issue reproduced, but do not close the current tab.

5.  Perform the action that reproduces your issue.

6.  Navigate back to the tab where you opened this link: 


7.  Right-click anywhere on the blank space within the console view.


8. Click the Save As menu item and specify the location where you want the log to be saved.

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