I can't copy and paste when I use the desktop app

The copy/paste by right-clicking functionality is currently disabled in the Grammarly desktop app. 

If you use Grammarly for Windows or macOS, please copy your text using the Copy feature shown below:


​Alternatively, you can use the Command+C shortcut on macOS or the Ctrl+C shortcut on Windows.

Note: the Paste button in the sidebar is currently disabled. However, you can use the Command+V shortcut on macOS and the Ctrl+V shortcut on Windows to paste your text.

You can also upload .doc or .docx files to Grammarly and then download the edited document back to its source. Use the Import (or Upload) button on the dashboard and the Export (Download) button on the toolbar. Alternatively, you can simply drag and drop your document into your Grammarly dashboard.

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