"Grammarly Editor is loading"

If you see a "Grammarly Editor is loading" error message, we recommend that you open Grammarly, take a screenshot of the console output and send it to us. You can also copy and paste it in your reply in a support request, and we will contact you with a solution.

To open the console in your browser:

Internet Explorer / Edge
  1. Go to the Chrome Menu at the top right of your browser window
  2. Select More tools > Developer Tools
  3. Click the Console tab
  1. Go to Safari > Preferences...
  2. Select the Advanced tab 
  3. Enable Show Develop menu in menu bar
  4. Press Alt+Cmd+C
  1. Go to the Firefox Menu.
  2. Select Developer.
  3. Select Browser Console.
  1. Press F12 
  2. Press Ctrl+2
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