There's a Grammarly charge on my credit card—which account is this for?

Occasionally, a Grammarly user with multiple Grammarly accounts will upgrade to Grammarly Premium, and then forget which account they upgraded.

First, try searching every email account you use for the word "Grammarly" to find any emails we've sent you. Once you find the mailbox that receives our emails, you can reset your password and log in to the account.

If you still can't locate your Grammarly log-in details, please provide this information in a support ticket to help us find your account: 

  1. First name and last name (if any) on your Grammarly account
  2. The first six digits of the credit card you used for Grammarly
  3. The last four digits of the credit card number you used for the purchase
  4. Your credit card's expiration date
  5. The charge date
  6. The charge amount
  7. The reference number on your statement, if you see one (it should look similar to CO5DXT-8GCH, CO*5DXT-8GCH, or 5DXT-8GCH)
  8. Your PayPal email address and transaction ID if you see "PAYPAL" next to the charges on your credit card bill
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