Delete your Grammarly account

If you would like to delete your free Grammarly account, see the instructions below:

  1. Log in to Grammarly
  2. Select the Account tab to the left
  3. Click the "Delete Account" button on the page that opens next

Grammarly will ask you to provide your password to confirm the action.

Deleting your account will remove your personal information from Grammarly, including any user documents that you had stored in the Grammarly Editor (


  • If you have a Premium account, learn how to cancel your subscription. 
  • If you used Facebook to sign up with Grammarly, you'll need to enter your Facebook password to confirm the deletion.
  • The option to manage your account isn't available on mobile devices at this time. Please use a laptop or a desktop computer to proceed with deleting your account.
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